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good thing we love printing shirts.

We are an automatic screen printing company in Vancouver, WA right across the bridge from Portland, OR. Every single day, we print the best quality apparel not because it matters but because we actually LOVE what we do and want it to look good just as much as you do.




Screen printing

We offer what most don't: Options

There are many different ways and options to choose when going with screen printing. First, there's ink - which do you prefer? Oil based & durable or a more soft hand water base eco friendly ink? How about the size of your design? Are you looking for detailed, tiny prints or oversize prints? We even offer specialty inks and additives like discharge (bleaching agent) and reflective. We invite you to explore the possibilities!

Water Base

Our Eco-Friendly water-based inks soak into the fabric to create a soft natural feeling print.


Discharge inks are soft water-based inks intended for dark garments.


Plastisol Ink is the go-to ink for T-Shirt production. These inks can be mixed to match any Pantone color and stay bright after multiple washes.

Print Size

We offer a full range of specialty inks including Metallic, Shimmer, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Puff, and Neon.






IDENTITY. What does your company look like? How do you represent your brand? We are here to create your presence. Screen printed or embroidered apparel are great ways to help showcase your business to the busy world – and thats our goal! We make showing off your brand, EASY and stress-free. Let's work together. 

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Screen Printing Company for all your Custom T-shirts in Portland, OR

There are plenty of screen printing companies in the area but mine is slightly different. I really want to build a business that is unique and totally focused on understanding your ideas and identity. It is all about translating your mind into something physical.  

Your philosophy matters and I will take those floating words and ideas of yours and print them on a quality t-shirt or piece of clothing of your choice. That’s as good as it gets, and you will feel genuine pride once you see the final result. 

Who dares wins! I will create the picture or pattern of your dreams, all this for a reasonable price and without compromising quality. Serigraphy is the best way to print your company’s logo everywhere. There are plenty of other commercial applications too. 


Make your Own Mark in This World with Custom Printed Clothes That Mean Something

I want you to reach new heights and to express your business identity in new, innovative ways that will impress your customers and your staff also. Don’t be afraid to be different and dare to try new ideas and concepts. Printing a t-shirt is like an instant expression of your idea and you can still create new designs later on. 

You want to share your message and leave a dent in this world. Join Portland’s finest businesses club and think about what your motto or mission statement is and how it could be summarized in a few words or a key concept. It takes time to do it but it is well worth the effort. 

Spread the word about your business and increase your reach by creating a perfectly crafted message that will shock, amaze, or impress the people who see it. 



Vancouver  360 901 9177

Portland  503 850 0690