Hello – My name is Ruben Ryapolov and I am the owner of United Apparel Company. Here's a little bit of history about my company – It all started when I was in my sophomore year of high school, back in 2010. A few friends and I decided to start a clothing line, so I took the first step and registered my business name in Washington State. My first goal was to actually be able to make t-shirts, but I did not know how. I went with my mom to the grocery store and stumbled upon t-shirt transfer paper - a perfect way for me to start! I tried to make a few t-shirts with the transfer paper and my mom's clothing iron, and it was a terrible disaster. The design had already started peeling, it wasn't clear and you could even see where I cut out the design with my scissors. I was determined to find a better way to make my products, where my customers would actually love to wear my shirts. As I started doing more research, I got into the art of screen printing; a complicated but amazing process. I then began to plan out and design my first press. It lasted a while but since it was homemade, I had more issues than success. With the little that I had, I invested into some entry-level beginner equipment. This is where I got into custom printing for schools, churches, groups, and businesses. As time progressed, I began to create a customer base and loyalty. I would get return customers every year, loving their product! With this, I began to invest more time and thought into my business - how can I make it better? What else can I do? I then purchased a sticker machine, learned website design and coding, a hat press and now, my business was on full blast! I was so excited and ready to conquer the world. To this day, my main goal is to be able to produce a superior product that customers love. I am determined to keep growing, building and making customers happy. Thank you for reading my story - I would love to hear yours! Contact me to chat, grab a coffee or even get a few custom t-shirts, hats, stickers or website hand built just for you, your company or organization! Contact me and let me know what you're looking for.