10 Reasons To Get Your Team Custom T-Shirts


As a business owner or manager, you need to have your staff dressed professionally at the lowest cost possible while expressing your company’s unique identity. Custom T-shirts for your business are where affordability, professional aesthetic, and bespoke branding meet. Impress your team and customers with custom-designed T-shirts for your business.

1. Custom T-shirts are inexpensive

Uniforms don’t have to stretch your budget to look professional. At Grandline Graphics, we help businesses affordably dress their staff in high-quality apparel without affecting their bottom line.

2. Custom T-shirts are fast

Within 5-14 days after submitting a request, you can have your staff wearing your company’s brand on a T-shirt, hat or sweatshirt from Grandline Graphics. Got a large order? No problem. Grandline Graphics prints on a completely automatic screen printing machine that can print up to 1,000 shirts per hour. Get a quote today.

3. Custom T-shirts are unique

Control your team’s image 100% with a custom T-shirt—without settling for a generic uniform. From logo design to printing and delivery, a good custom T-shirt producer is there with you at every step of the journey. At Grandline Graphics, we help you craft your message, design your print and pick out the best kind of ink for your custom apparel. Choose from a wide range of inks. From oil- and water-based inks to specialty inks like discharge (bleaching agent) and reflective, we have the right ink for your brand. Visit our gallery for T-shirt ideas and contact us for a consultation.

4. Custom T-shirts are ideal swag bag stuffers

Does your company have a ribbon cutting coming up? How about a party? Are you hosting an event? Quickly and affordably get your brand into the community by including your company’s custom t-shirt, sweatshirt or cap in gift bags at your events. Let your guests take your brand home and wear it again and again.

5. Custom T-shirts are free advertisement

Introduce your brand to the world through fresh and creatively-designed custom T-shirts. When your employees travel to and from work in their custom T-shirts, you get free advertisement for your business.

6. Custom T-shirts are long lasting

Billboards, website banners, and social media ads have a short shelf life and can be costly. A well-designed custom T-shirt bearing your company’s logo can last a lifetime. (Just think about how long you’ve had your favorite Tee.)

7. Custom T-shirts build unity

Some employees dress up and some dress down. Help keep everyone on the same appearance page—stylishly and affordably—with custom T-shirts for the whole team.

8. Custom T-shirts are fun

Since custom T-shirts are inexpensive, new uniforms on a regular basis become a reality. You can also get your design printed on different colors of T-shirts, so your staff can choose their favorite color while still maintaining a uniform appearance. Have a creative team? As a team-building exercise, let your staff design this year’s uniform. The possibilities are endless.

9. Custom T-shirts are environmentally friendly

Minimize your ecological footprint, get your company’s design printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink. Water-based screen printing has proven to be not only environmentally friendly but offers exceptional quality and durability. Eco-friendly inks tend to soak into the fabric rather than being printed on top, resulting in softer, more comfortable apparel. At Grandline Graphics, we use the industry’s best water-based screen printing inks, which also come in a variety of colors.

10. Custom T-shirts are comfortable

Everyone wears T-shirts. People love them because they are comfortable and go with anything. They can be unisex too, making ordering simple. If formal office attire is the norm, consider custom T-shirts for your team on casual Fridays. We guarantee your staff will appreciate it!

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