Custom Embroidered Dress Shirts for Your Employees


Competition is ruthless. As a manager, every step you can take to ensure your business stays ahead is worth it. One often overlooked step is the appearance of your employees. But if you think about it, your employees are your brand ambassadors. They are interacting with your clients a majority of the time. Make sure your employees are on-brand and maintain a consistent professional appearance with custom dress shirts embroidered with your company’s logo.

First impressions matter

Whether you manage an air conditioning installation company or a florist shop, you want your customer’s first impression of your employees to be positive and professional. Embroidering your company’s logo on the left breast of a dress shirt is a straightforward way to express your company’s unique identity while still maintaining a professional image. Custom embroidered dress shirts signal to customers that you care about details.

Control customer-employee relations with custom dress shirts

For every business, managing customer and client perceptions of your employees is essential. One misstep could lead to a damaging online review or worse—a public relations crisis. Creating a consistent, professional image for your staff is one way to control employee-customer relations. Custom dress shirts, embroidered with your company’s logo, deliver a controlled image every time your employees interact with your customers.

Stand out from other businesses

Most businesses have dress codes but few have custom dress shirts. Embroidering your company’s logo will set your employees apart from other businesses. Your employees will be instantly recognizable. When combined with a great service or product, custom apparel can create a lasting impression that keeps customers coming back for more.

Free advertising

It’s time to look at your employee's clothing as a free advertising opportunity. When your employees wear a custom embroidered logo as they travel to and from work or are out on service calls, they’re increasing brand awareness of your company, which can result in more business over time.

Logo Design

If you don’t have a high-quality logo that you think is worth embroidering, Grandline Graphics can help you design a custom logo for your business. While there are plenty of embroidery companies in the area, we are one of the few that work with our clients to create unique logos and ensure that they look fantastic in embroidered form. With the help of our designers, your ideas can become embroidered realities.

Get custom embroidered dress shirts from Grandline Graphics today

Grandline Graphics, a Vancouver-based custom screen printing and embroidery shop is here to help you create a professional and unified identity for your employees. We are in the business of building bespoke designs for small teams and large businesses. Contact us to talk about how we can create custom embroidered dress shirts for you. Check out our gallery for more inspiration.