Sticker or Decal?

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a car decal and a sticker, you’re not alone. Decals use a different type of adhesive, but they also come in a wider variety of types. They can be made transparent, so that the background is a perfect match to the existing vehicle color or be placed on a windshield. They can also be perforated for a bold statement piece that doesn’t compromise visibility.

Uses for Car Decals

Car decals can be put to a number of different uses. Whether you have a single commercial vehicle or you operate a fleet, car decals can be an effective branding tool that gives you a clean and professional presentation. And their use isn’t limited to cars, either. Food trucks, trailers, and practically anything else on wheels can benefit from the car decals from Grandline Graphics.

Types of Car Decals

Car decals come in many shapes and sizes, each one uniquely suited to a different purpose. If you’re not sure of the best fit, speak to us; we don’t just consider the vehicle, we also go in-depth on your goals to ensure you’re communicating with intent.

  • Clear: Clear decals can be placed directly on your vehicle’s windows without compromising your field of view. However, they’re also good for placement on painted surfaces because the paint shows through the background — there are no worries about color matching!

  • Opaque: Opaque decals don’t allow light to pass through, and can’t be seen through. They find a wide range of uses, from pricing cars at dealerships to putting signage on commercial cars and trucks.

  • Perforated: Perforated decals are a compromise between clear and opaque decals. Appearing like a fine mesh, they allow for outward-looking visibility, allowing application over a larger area — they’re suitable for rear windshields and windows on buses and passenger vans.

So what’s the difference between a decal and a wrap? Surface area. A decal is meant to cover a small space, while a vehicle wrap does what the name suggests — it can cover nearly the entirety of your vehicle. If you’re not sure which would work better, let us know. A few simple questions and we’ll make sure you get what’s right for your needs and goals.

Car Decals vs Vehicle Wraps

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