Clothing Printing – Why Silk Screen is Still Popular

Clothing Printing – Why Silk Screen is Still Popular

Clothing Printing – Why Silk Screen is Still Popular

Screen printing is the conventional way of printing that involves the use of a woven mesh and stencil. For years, this printing technique has been well-loved by many and has given birth to the other printing methods such as digital printing or direct to garment printing. Nevertheless, screen printing didn’t lose its popularity and remained as a trend including today.

Screen printing is basically used for t shirt printing. While digital printing is also prevalent in the market, screen printing is doing most of the printing job for the fabric industry. In addition to t shirts, screen printing is also applicable to other objects, made of fabric or not. The main reason why it remains popular like it was before, is that compared to its counterpart, screen printing is much cheaper. It may be time-consuming especially in large productions but are definitely effective, cost wise.

Screen printed t shirts are ideal promotional items for businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness. They make great giveaways for special occasions as well such as family gatherings. Or if you are thinking of a unique gift to give to your special someone, a screen printed shirt can do the trick. Couple shirts are very popular these days and it is easy to select designs with text or images or both depicting your status.

Schools, organizations and sports team that want to have a unique way of distinguishing their group from the rest can benefit from t shirt screen printing as well. When you come up with a design or when you are looking for someone to create the design for you, many professionals and experts on the internet can certainly offer you that. You can talk to them or inquire local screen printing services so you can personally inform them of the specific features you want the shirts to have.

The possibilities in screen printing are limitless and you own the freedom to have the design of your choice.

When you go search for a screen printing company, both online or offline, it is important to carry out a research first so you can be sure that you will be working with a company that can meet your requirements, be it on the way they handle their customer, their price range and their ability to meet your targeted deadline.

Some customers tend to be more specific about the turnaround time especially when they need the shirts for certain occasion. In this case, one needs to make sure that the company is capable of delivering according to their promise. It is easy to know if the company you are about to engage with can do that for you. First, you need to check feedback from their site. Some customers are eager to give their comments, good or bad and that should give you an idea if they are worth the try. Reviews online are helpful when you are not familiar of the company.

If possible, try asking from your friends or anyone you know about certain names of screen printing companies that are known for their reputation of providing quality service to their clients. You may need to research how long they have been in the industry and check their previous works to see if it is something that you can agree with.

When you land into a good custom screen printing company, you can expect to receive your shirts the way you pictured it from the start.