Creating a Statement with Shirts Designed through Screen Printing Portland Oregon


Creating a Statement with Shirts Designed through Screen Printing Portland Oregon

Custom screen printed shirts have become increasingly popular even these days when all of the other advanced printing techniques and methods have become available. Anyone who is looking to have unique, customized designs can easily achieve that with screen printing. Because it is much more affordable, it is still a highly preferred method of many people in customizing their clothing.


Creating a statement is possible with screen printing Portland Oregon. You totally have the freedom to have it designed in a way that suits you. Such design can be a representation of your interests, your personality and your overall sense of style. Even if you do not have your own design, you still can find one that is perfect for you as many stores that offer screen printing shirts have premade designs that are usually revolving in today’s trends. You will never run out of options when it comes to screen printing. 


Organizations and companies can effectively promote their brands or business with screen printing. It does not necessarily have to be on the shirt as this technique is also reliable in fabric items. And screen printing is beneficial in the sense that they are highly cost-effective. If you are planning to print dozens to hundreds of shirts, you might initially think it is going to cost you more. 


But this is not the case with screen printing. In fact, the higher the volume gets, the cheaper the prices becomes. 


So how does screen printing work and why is it a smart choice when looking to create a statement?


Screen printing is a less than complicated process than you think it is. At least for the experienced, this method can be accomplished much more easily. The process entails the passing of different ink hues through a garment. A stencil will be used in order to transfer the pattern or design into the material.


Professional screen printing companies use the most durable dyes to ensure that the print won’t fade easily. The effect is longer lasting and won’t give you the disappointment that iron-on images can usually give as they tend to crack or peel with constant use and wash. 


Custom printed t-shirts can be used for a variety of reasons. They are used by individuals to express their style. They are ideal for the brand awareness of companies and businesses. They are also useful to organizations that want to promote their cause or to create an identity.