Embroidery Services

Equal parts art and craft, embroidery used to be expensive because it was so time and labor-intensive. You don’t have to be wealthy, with a conduit to the arts scene, to take advantage of embroidery these days. Machine embroidery revolutionized embroidery because it allows for speed and scale without sacrificing quality. It also allows for complex designs and patterns on a wide range of popular products. Alongside our screen printed apparel, Grandline Graphics is proud to offer quality embroidery services.

Uses for Embroidery

It’s great for customizing a wide range of apparel and accessories, and it’s useful in applications where appliqués wouldn’t be practical.

Maybe you’re putting your company logo and your staff’s names on aprons or uniform shirts, putting your band’s name on hats, or creating sweatshirts with bold designs that last. Whether it’s for use in-house, for sale at a merch table or in your store, a corporate promotion, a gift-with-purchase, or part of your next big giveaway, embroidery could be the right tool for the job.

Embroidery vs Screen Printing

Screen printing is popular because it offers a wide range of design options, print sizes, specialty inks, and design options. There are some things that screen printing can do that embroidery can’t, but there are also areas where embroidery is preferred. For textured or thicker fabrics that might not take screen ink as well — including denim and knit items — embroidery works better. It also provides durability. What’s more, if your brand is a bit more buttoned-down, embroidery can still get your message across, but does with a touch of class. 

What Grandline Graphics Can Embroider

Practically anything that can be made of fabric can take embroidery. However, we find that heavier-weight fabrics work best for embroidered text and graphics. Items we can embroider include:

•    Knit caps

•    Baseball hats

•    Fleece

•    Polo shirts

•    Aprons

•    Jackets

•    Pullovers

•    Hoodies

•    Gym bags

•    Scarves

•    Team apparel

•    Towels

•    Blankets

With that being said, our job is bringing your vision to life, so if there’s another medium that would work better for your project, we’ll lay out your options — including not only screen printing, but also decals, LED signage, and much more.

Why Choose Grandline Graphics

Grandline Graphics is rapidly building a reputation for embroidery in the Vancouver area. One reason for this is that we don’t just compete on price or low minimum orders. We compete on quality. We’re proud to serve Vancouver, Eugene, Portland, and the surrounding area, especially since we understand the challenges faced by local small businesses — we’re one, too! And our core values are at the heart of everything we do. So contact Grandline Graphics to see how we can make your next custom project a reality!