Key Benefits of Screen Printing Portland

Key Benefits of Screen Printing Portland

Key Benefits of Screen Printing Portland

We are all aware of what screen printing Portland is. This technique of customizing apparels has been around for decades and it continued to remain popular because it is not only cheap, but also offers long lasting quality. This method involves the use of woven mesh and a stencil that is designed to transfer ink which is pressed on top of the mesh onto the substrate. A roller is then placed over the screen, moving it to pump or force the ink through the mesh.


Commonly used on t-shirts and other types of garments, screen printing is appreciated by many in the sense that it can create vivid colors and can make a design standout. In fact, companies are using this technique in printing the logo, the slogan and other symbolisms of their business as it is ideal for massive printing. Compared to other techniques, screen printing is cheaper, when ordered in large quantities.


One of the reasons why screen printing Portland is cheap is because it does not require technical set-up and arrangement. Even the materials used in setting up the printing station are all easy to find and cost less. There are many local printing stores that offer printing designs and customization options using this technique. It is not hard to find a store that offers a cheap price but it is a bit challenging to know which among them can give you the quality you are looking for.


That is why before you engage with any company, you should know beforehand their reputation in providing quality screen prints to their customers. You will immediately know that if you start searching for them online. Their websites will reveal some reviews of their previous customers, giving you a hint of settling with that particular company will suit your requirements and your budget.


You can also check their gallery for their sample work. From there, you can identify if the quality of the print matches your preferences. When you begin to inquire from different stores online, ask whether or not they are capable of customizing the print for you. Some stores offer ready-made shirts. These shirts are already printed with designs of their choice. Others give you the convenience of making the design for you, if you cannot find one from their gallery that goes with your needs.


You can also have it designed on your own and just leave the printing job to the company offering the service. Whatever your request, make sure to have it known by the company beforehand. With screen printing, you are bound to enjoy the following key benefits.


Excellent results. As long as good printers and quality inks are being used, you can expect great results with screen printing. The same is true when the shirt or garment used is of the highest quality as well.

Lasting quality. Inks used for screen printing have the ability to absorb better in clothes therefore giving a lasting effect and quality to the garment.


Inexpensive. Compared to digital printing, and other types of printing techniques, screen printing Portland is considered to be cheaper and is ideal for massive or large scale printing.