Screen Print Shirts as Promotional Idea for Businesses

Screen Print Shirts as Promotional Idea for Businesses

Screen Print Shirts as Promotional Idea for Businesses

Just because they are cheap does not mean custom screen print shirts have less than impressive quality. When mass produced, t shirts printed this way is even much cheaper but the quality is never compromised.

It is no wonder why many businesses and companies are using screen printed shirts as a way to promote their brand, products and services. Aside from being cheap, they yield almost the same effectiveness as other expensive means of advertising. And the exposure that it offers is not limited to a certain amount of time or place. As long as the shirts are being worn, it can still provide exposure to the business.

If you are thinking of using this technique as an alternative to otherwise expensive advertising methods, there are important factors to consider to make it a success.

·             Design. It is all in the design. It is what people will see when they look at the prints on the shirt. Therefore, a design must be catchy. It should bear your company name, logo, slogan and other symbolisms that are pertaining to your company. If you already have a design in mind, then you are good to go. But if there are some details you want to add to make it look more attractive, then you can go ahead and let it designed by the printing company. Some companies offer design services and they can take care of it for you.


·             Price. When purchased in large orders, screen printed shirt tends to be cheaper. But make sure the quality of the print as well as the shirt will not be sacrificed. It is important to know what brands of shirts they are using. If possible, try to see the shirt in person and check samples as well as their previous works when you visit their shop. For bigger orders, you may even ask them if they can give you a discount. Some companies will give you that.


·             Customer service. This should not matter to some but if you are going to work with that same printing company for all of your t shirt projects, it is important to go for one who look after your needs. They don’t necessarily have to be friendly, but professional and knows how to listen to your inquiries. They should give importance to your needs and value your trust. And the best way they can give you that is by delivering on what they promise—the quality of the design and the turnaround time.


Searching for a company to handle your custom screen printing project is a piece of cake with the presence of the internet. You can find shops that are within your local area and even perform a background check of these shops before you proceed with placing and finalizing your orders with them. You will have an idea if a certain company will suit you and your requirements best after a thorough research.