Screen Print Shirts – Why It is Better than Other Printing Techniques

Screen Print Shirts – Why It is Better than Other Printing Techniques.png

There are so many things going on in the t-shirt printing industry these days but screen print shirts are always here to stay.

That is most likely because this method offers a lasting and quality result. 
Usually compared to vinyl printing, screen printing is the method that uses actual screens in printing the shirt. All that’s needed to do is to cut it to create a template for the design to be printed on the shirt. Then ink is spread over each screen. If there is a need to use more than one ink, several screens will also be used. Then it will be passed through the shirt underneath.

Unlike vinyl printing, screen printing is a much faster process. The setting up may take a bit long but once it’s done, you can proceed with printing as many shirts as possible. This is why it is recommended for bulk printing, provided that the design on each shirt remains the same. The runtime of vinyl printing, however, takes much longer and the process is slower. This may not sound as a favorable option for customers with large orders.

When it comes to the details and color of the design, screen printing allows you to achieve more. That is because screen printing provides access to a vast range of colors. So no matter how intricate the design or how many colors are required to create the photograph you wanted, screen printing will never disappoint. The designs are not limited to simple graphics. Vinyl printing, on the other hand, is ideal for simple pictures or texts. But is not recommended if you want to have a picture of your pet on your shirt.
In terms of their lifespan, both vinyl and screen printing are longer lasting especially when proper guidelines are observed. But screen printing tends to offer better results, even after a long time of use as long as the shirt is washed correctly and properly.

Cost-wise, vinyl printing may win but because it has downsides, too. Screen printing may cost a bit high and that is due to the quality it offers.
So which method of t-shirt printing do you consider best? Which one works for your needs and budget? No matter how many methods for screen printing will surface in the coming years, there is no doubt that screen printing will always be a favorite of many because of the many benefits it offers. Your choice all boils down to your needs and budget. And with a wide range of options available on the internet today, you will never run out of options to try as far as screen printing shirts in concerned.