Screen Printing Portland – How to Choose the Right Screen Printing Company

Screen Printing Portland – How to Choose the Right Screen Printing Company

Screen Printing Portland – How to Choose the Right Screen Printing Company

Buying custom printed shirts for your personal needs or for your business is a stressful and confusing process. You will be faced with various decision-making processes such as choosing the perfect design and picking the service that would suit your printing needs best. To ensure fantastic results, you should only go for a company that offers quality printing services, one that agrees with your budget and your requirements.

So how do you know that the screen printing Portland company you are about to select is a perfect choice? Here are some factors you should carefully look into in order to make a wise decision.

  • Their experience in the business. An established company is more likely to have the experience in silk screen printing and can often guarantee you with high quality. While it is easy to get less expensive screen printed t-shirts from start-ups, you don’t always get the assurance that you are looking for. You might end up wasting time and money with their substandard services. Experience definitely matters especially for shirts that are to be used for business advertising and promotion services. 


  • Their work samples. Before you decide to make a large order with a certain screen printing service, it is important to ask samples of their work first. You will be able to make a more informed decision when you are able to actually see the quality of their work. A professional screen printing service will be more than willing to show this to you. 


  • The equipment that they use.  Because you only want the best quality of screen prints for your shirt, you should always ask the kind or brand of equipment that the screen printing service provider is using. It is important that you have a little knowledge on the popular kinds and brands of screen printing equipment available today. Professional companies invest in the best type of equipment to ensure no less than the best results. 


  • Are they customer-friendly? In any type of service that you might think of hiring, you always want to consider one that can offer you with great customer service. If you ask for a quote or discuss important factors such as the design options, you certainly don’t want to feel uncomfortable with them. Professional printing companies are experienced and they know how to handle their customers effectively. They can answer your queries when you give them a call and will do the best they can to make you feel at ease while you communicate with them. 


You should not rush in choosing the right screen printing company to design and print your shirts for you. Take your time in doing your research and check if the company you think of hiring can exactly deliver the results you are hoping for by giving the above tips a serious consideration.