Screen Printing Portland Oregon for All Types of Apparel

Screen Printing Portland Oregon for All Types of Apparel

Screen Printing Portland Oregon for All Types of Apparel

Whatever the type of apparel—t-shirts, pullovers, sweater, jersey and even caps—screen printing Portland Oregon is thought to be a reliable method to achieve the types of designs or prints you want to have. Screen printing has become extremely popular even in the recent years when many other alternatives and options have surfaced due to the rapid development of technology.


There are many reasons why it has held the reputation of being the widely used technique in printing designs on various apparels. One of which is its affordability. Because the print is easy to produce and the materials are not that hard to acquire, you can enjoy the benefit of having screen printed shirts without spending a fortune.


From simple to more detailed designs, screen printing can accommodate these requirements. Prints consisting of letters and images can be printed using this method.  Modern screen printing companies are able to produce prints with quality that is almost the same is as quality prints produced using state of the art printers. No matter what your design might be and you want it to be printed using silk screen method, you are sure to get the quality and result that you want.


Another distinct advantage of screen printing Portland Oregon over other methods available is that it is fast. If there is a need to order dozens to even hundreds of shirts or any apparel for an event, you can expect for it to be accomplished in a shorter time. Some suppliers can produce up to 100 shirts per hour, depending on the number of ink colors to be used.


When done correctly, the print will come out in a solid, vibrant appearance. This makes them ideal for logos and sharp text. And even after several times of washing, the quality of the print remains the same. It is also recommended for mass production.


If you care for the environment, you will also be glad to know that there are screen printing companies nowadays that use environmentally-friendly inks that are odor-free and water soluble. They do not contain ingredients that can pollute the environment.


There have been various improvements in the field of screen printing. Suppliers and companies offering this service have explored this method to be able to offer people better products than the usual. And this ensures more quality designs. For your next screen printing projects, look for a reliable and reputable seller online which offers quality, both in the prints produced and in the brand of the apparel.