Silk Screen Printing and Digital Printing Compared

Silk Screen Printing and Digital Printing Compared

Silk Screen Printing and Digital Printing Compared

It is sometimes hard to decide which type of printing should you go for when the need arises. Silk screen printing and digital printing are two of the most popular printing options today and each of them have their own pros and cons to offer. It is vital to know all of them before making any final decision.

Silk screen printing basically involves making a stencil or screen and using that to apply one or several layers of ink on the surface to be printed. Different stencils are used on each color in order to achieve the desired look or design. On the other hand, digital printing is a relatively newer process of printing which requires the use of computer and transferring the print directly on the surface of the t shirt.

Both silk screen and digital printing are interesting processes and they come with their respective strengths that make them unique. So if you are having an incoming t shirt printing project for your business, organization, team or group, it is best to know which of these two techniques will suit you best.

For many, screen printing is a more preferable option for designs which demand a higher level of intensity and vibrancy when printing on black and other dark-colored shirts. The same is true for specialty products usually used as promotional items that require to be catchy and attention-grabbing. Thicker ink is applied in screen printing, resulting in more vibrant colors even on dark-colored t shirts.

Silk screen printing isn’t limited to a single surface such as fabric. It is versatile that it is also suitable for many other products such as mugs, water bottles and pens to name a few. However, with this type of printing, minimum orders are being usually required. This makes it ideal for people who have dozens of shirts to be printed.

T shirt designs with high amounts of details and are required in smaller quantities may find digital printing a more advantageous option for them. However, it costs a bit more and buying them in bigger orders may get even more expensive. The quality of the print depends on the type of ink used.

Many stores on the internet give you these two options and deciding on one totally depends on you—your requirements and the results you are looking forward to have. These stores also offer you the possibility of creating your own design. You may ask them to design the t-shirt for you. Some stores have pre-made designs that you can choose from.

Custom screen printing and digital printing are a great way to have unique looking shirts and whatever you end up choosing, you are sure to get what you are hoping for, given that you have allowed a trusted company print the shirts for you.