The Beauty of Portland Screen Printing

The Beauty of Portland Screen Printing

The Beauty of Portland Screen Printing

Screen printing shows no signs of slowing down even in this modern day and age. In fact, Portland screen printing is expanding to new and big markets through its versatility and is widely used in the commercial industry. As it evolves and improves, better quality is expected to be seen especially with the use of screen printing equipment that has enhanced engineering and control, allowing for a wider range of materials and techniques. 

Reliable and extremely flexible, printing with the use of silk screen continues in dominating mass printing. There may have been advances and innovation in digital printing technique but screen printing remains a popularly used method due to its cost effectiveness and versatility most especially in producing prints for massive amounts of garments. 

There are screen printing methods that are being used in producing more intricate and complicated prints, regardless of the size and the color of the garments.

Screen printing offers quality with the use of modern screen printing materials, equipment and procedures which offers better color saturation and wider color palette. The ink used in thicker application can give more pigments compared to that of digital imaging which then results to more vibrant, lively colors. Screen prints are no longer just plain and simple. Screen printing enables the addition of special effects and custom colors into the process. Even the more complicated designs can be catered by screen printing. 

Designs printed using silk screen are also known for their durability. Heavy ink coverage during the process allows the image to be more attached to the garment. Companies that are using this technique in producing printed t-shirts are using additives, coatings and other advanced materials that are designed to enhance the resistance of the print to various elements such as moisture, UV rays and touch. That means the garment can be used outdoors without fading and wearing despite the extreme weather. There is no need to worry about the quality of the print over time as it stays the same, as long as proper care is given.

When it comes to versatility, screen printing is undoubtedly the best procedure. The process is adaptable and reliable to a vast range of substance materials such as glass, wood, fabrics and metals compared to digital technology. Specialty inks that offer unique effects and results such are being used to accommodate the specific needs of people for more personalized and customized design results. This makes it a favorable process in high-volume print production that involves complicated graphic designs.

Garments printed using silk screen method are much more affordable. Its consistency and stability in printing contributes for the significantly lower cost. It even yields more savings for mass production. They are attractive for companies with large amounts of t-shirts to produce for their advertising campaigns. The bigger the volume, the lesser the cost becomes. 

The reliability of screen printing technology makes it more effective than its counterparts which may require costly updates on the software and function of the equipment. 

Portland screen printing offers endless possibilities in terms of the intricacy of the design. More and more companies nowadays are adapting the use of modern screen printing equipment to be able to respond to the growing needs of customers for uniqueness and personalization. And while it continues to become more advanced, its pricing remains the same. It is still the most affordable type of custom printing method there is today.