Tips in Buying Portland Screen Printing Shirts

Tips in Buying Portland Screen Printing Shirts

Tips in Buying Portland Screen Printing Shirts

Portland screen printing is one of the easiest ways to have custom-designed shirts. It is not difficult to find screen printing companies that can custom print your shirts for you. However, not all of these companies are the same. They could vary in their rates, customer service and in the quality of the prints they produce. 


To get the best screen printed shirts, you should pay close attention to the following factors.


  • Experience and reputation of the screen printing company. You should always choose a company that has a trusted reputation in the industry. They have earned this reputation out of excellent service and quality products. Professional companies like this have experienced staff that are capable of employing a variety of screen printing techniques and can work around your specific requirements such as the volume of prints and the turnaround time. 


  • Selection of designs. Some customers already have a design in mind. They either create it or make a search on the internet and simply ask the printing company to copy the design and have it printed on the shirt. However, this is not always the case with most people and they are sometimes confused on what design to go for. A professional screen printing company offers a wide selection of designs that customers can choose from. These designs are premade and can be printed according to the customer’s request. 


They also offer shirts that have readily printed designs and they can suggest these options to customers too. No matter how you want your design to be created, it is always a good decision to be working with a screen printing company that gives their customer a chance to explore different options. 


  • The type of material they use. Because you only want the best results for your screen printed t-shirt, you should choose a company that uses the best and highest quality brands, be it on the t-shirts or other clothing apparel or the ink that they use. Make sure to ask this prior to getting your t-shirt printed. If possible, take a look around their premade designs and examine the quality of the print and the shirt. 


  • Their price. Depending on the quality of the print and the t-shirt used, the prices tend to vary from one printing company to the next. However, for great quality prints and shirts, you can always expect for the price to be a bit high. 


Screen printing is ideal for large orders. The higher the volume, the inexpensive the price tends to be. This is why it is recommended for people and companies that are trying to acquire shirts for a huge number of people. 


You can make the most of your investment when you end up with a reliable and professional screen printing company.