Weighing the Pros and Cons of Digital and Screen Printing

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Digital and Screen Printing.png

No matter what season or for whatever reason, t-shirts are a must-have.

The demand for t-shirts, especially the customized types, had been particularly high over the last years and is projected to increase in the years to come. But what is the best printing method for customizing t-shirts? Is it digital or screen printing?

Both digital and screen printing have their pros and cons. In certain situations, one is better than the other. When buying custom tees, a lot of people get confused on whether they should have it digitally or screen printed. Each printing method creates a unique result on the shirt. If you can’t seem to decide between screen and digital printing, this might just help you.
One of the essential factors to consider in deciding the type of shirt printing to use is the number of shirts to be printed.

Generally, digital printing is advised and suited for smaller orders. With the lack of minimum quantity requirement, you are given the option to order a custom shirt or two, depending on your needs. This is not possible with screen printing. This method is more recommended for people with bulk orders such as those for their organizations, company or sports team.

Screen printing has relatively higher setup costs, the reason why small orders are not accepted. The cost of digital printing, on the other hand, does not reduce even when there’s a huge order placed.

The color of the t-shirt is another important factor that must be taken into account. If you want to use light colored shirts such as white, you do not have to worry much if you choose one of the two types of printing customized shirts. Both methods are acceptable and the results are almost the same. But if you prefer using darker colored shirts, screen printing is a better option. Digital printing uses ink that is not strong enough to penetrate through the t shirt’s dark color. It will be difficult for the print to stand out this way. 

The print itself is the final factor to be considered. Screen printing technique producers much stronger print and can sustain countless of use and wash. The final result of the digital printing may be colorful but the resolution is not that impressive. However, it does give a smooth finish to touch. Also, printing different colors using this method will not change the price of the shirt, unlike screen printing that costs more with every color added.

Both digital and screen printing method for t-shirts offers their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make all boils down to your needs and desires.